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The Princess and The Prepper - Barbara Elsborg This novella is packed with everything:) The sizzling romance, the conflicts. and the sense of humor in the Author's voice that she always put in her stories. You'll never get bored,it will keep you interested in every flipping pages.

"I'm a prepper."
"What does that mean?"
"Someone who takes personal responsibility and self-reliance seriously. Someone who's prepared for the unexpected. I'm not fanatical about it. It isn't that I think the world's going to end."

After horrific tornadoes destroyed the town of Evans Point Wyoming, the community started to rebuild what had lost and began prepping. Grant Houston on the other hand had lost his child due to illness and also his wife for not coping with the death of their child.Being a prepper was his only hold to be always ready in times of tragic event and also hiding from his past and family.
Lili is a Princess who was always told what to do, what to wear, what to eat and what pleases others, abused by his fiance, she can't take no more until she hitchhike for a lift with a driver who almost rape her and fell to the snow..

"You can't prepare for everything. You have what you need here, but you might walk out the door and get stuck by a falling tree. You can't know the future."

I love the story! the way they get along with each other and Grant teaching her how to cook pancakes and make coffee Ha:D and the bittersweet dark chocolate yum!..I did cry a tear or two on what happened to Grant and after their confrontation about hiding with the past and not living in the present..I really hate Lili's boyfriend, the bastard did beat Lili..it just makes you feel grrr...I love Grant's pet wolf Shadow, he did make alot of help with the H/h in the story.and the scene in the restaurant was highlight I think, and I wonder what happened to the mug hmmm:/ I want to fast forward the story and see what happens after 3 months. although the story was tied up too fast in the end, it won't let me give this book 4 stars cos' I did enjoyed it and I loved it:)

Love. If you love someone, you want to keep them safe, hold them tight, not let them die before you, but if they did, it didn't mean love was gone from your life forever.