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The Ties That Bind - Jaci Burton I Liked it=)
Lisa was anxious that she'd be left alone in her life now that her daughter will be heading to college.
her best friend was planning for a one week vacation with her, her daughter and her ex-husband Rick both agreed that its time that she needed some vacation in her life,what she didn't know was that Rick was
planning that vacation with her with the help of her best friend and their daughter.

Rick and Lisa were divorced 15 years but still friends..Rick was with her through tough times and also helping her raising their daughter, although they knew that there still sparkle in their relationship, they were both afraid that it will ruined their friendship they've grown through the years.

Will she accept Rick's hand for the second time or will she let herself drown in loneliness for the rest of her life?

This is a story of second chance in love that will provide you lots of steamy scenes.
Location: Saint Thomas Island in the Caribbean:)