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Tender Mercies - Kitty Thomas This book is beyond the “safe, sane and consensual” aspect of BDSM be warned it’s dark, gritty, disturbing and disgusting.

"...So tell me, pet...who am I to you?"
The devil

This is my third book from this Author and I was quite expecting the raw brutally the master was giving to his slave what I didn't expect was there's a good Dom to come out..I was What the.. where did Asher Collins came from? Why is he so sweet, kind and gentle and caring arghhh.
You’ll gonna love Asher!!:) He’s a sweet and caring dom. It’s so unlikely that a Dom like him exist in a Kitty Thomas book. Maybe I was like Grace expecting for the other shoe to fall, waiting for him to turn into a monster but no…he was gentle and all and you just fall in love with him. This might be the tamest book the Author made and I know the word tame is awkward to put on her books.

I hate Lucas, well he was what I really expecting in the story..From angel to demon in one snap everything just turn into darkness and you’ll be trap in it…the rationality that he trained his dog to..I’m sorry I can’t say it..It’s just too disturbing and loathing thinking of it…his sadism to hurt another human being for his exclusive pleasure was unforgivable.

I love Grace, she still have resilience in her to faced what had happened to her..Lucas really did broke her but thank goodness Asher saved a little bit of her humanity and fix some…

I never thought that love would exist in the story…I did cry some because you can’t help how Asher and Grace blanketed the darkness within it with something light and then when everything was thrown off the fence, you’ll gonna say no no no no no please