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Coercion (Curio, #2) - Cara McKenna 5 Sizzling HOT Stars the pages will burn in every scene keep your eyes wide open:)

YES Didier love Caroly but how and when will he tell her???

I love Didier in Curio 1 now I love him more because this book its his POV..his vulnerability shows in his thoughts....he wants to tell Caroly that he loves her but can't 'cause Caroly knows he would say the same to his clients...he's scared that once Caroly might tired of him and look for a man who can show the world unlike him who's agoraphobic

..this book is sexy at its best..very sensual in nature, it goes on the border of passionate and lust yet the story of both characters will give a complex output which give more dept to who they are...
I love the story it makes you indulge on it and feel it, I mean their insecurities will show then explode and you can feel how they love each other even though their scared to tell that to each other.

I hope Didier will get pass thru' his phobia and change his work...until then everything still floating in question..Overall I'll wait for their love to bloom and go beyond what's outside Didier's apartment;)

2 down, 4 books to go arghh its really painful to read short stories like this...you'll become very eager on what's going to happen to their relationship which I love:)