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Time Untime (Dark-Hunter, #17; Hellchaser, #5) - Sherrilyn Kenyon I miss New Orleans!!! If you're new on the Dark hunter series don't pick this..pick Seize the Night or Dance with the devil hah not that I'm bragging the two books;)

This book is not about the Greek culture, not the Romans, Egyptian or even the Atlantean which I love, its the Author's Culture, the Cherokee(tsalagi) and add some Mayan culture in it since December 21, 2012 plays a significant date:)

I think it gave the book justice of talking about the Chekoree and Mayans for almost half the book since its a new Pantheon, where Kateri and Ren keeps on dragging you time to time..at first it got me confused and its too serious and too much talking...good for Sasha, Cabeza,Ren, Urian, Ash and even Nick to balance the seriousness with humor and sarcasm;)

Ren's past did not made me cry, it made me furious on what happened to him.the humiliation and embarrassment he'd suffered, I felt them .I hate bullying grrrr..

I don't feel any connection towards Ren and Kateri's relationship hmmm...Its so I don't know..

the other half is so much better since Ash appear and I want to do the happy dance:) Acheron always makes me smile..along with the others..Urian made me cry the first time I read this...I felt his sorrow:( I hope SK will not forget him and make a HEA for him..

About Nick well I can't blame him, I can't blame Ash either and let the Fates be damn on what happened to their friendship..at least we saw some reasons on his actions and it hurts...:_(

the epilogue made me cry *sniff

the book doesn't throw any clues on the next book except Braith hmmm she seems to be the same as...maybe its coincidence????

waiting for Inferno and Styxx book...yes At least they save the world on 12-21-2012 and let time continue its course, waiting for 2013 DH series:)