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Taming a Highland Devil - Kimberly Killion ...Ye've bewitched me body and soul

AYE! me too I'm bewitched by the book...Its like melted chocolate with a pinch of salt...which make it all the more sweet:)
the chocolate would be the love scenes and passion and the great chemistry between the H/h you just want them to be together forever and the salt would be the deep pang feeling I felt when something is totally wrong you gonna cry which make you hook up with the story...I wish this would have been a novel yet it still affects me in great way:)

I can't believe this short story can put a lot of emotions on me.AMAZING...

just a hint on the love scenes: with the use of candle:) oh I love that scene!

Take note: Don't forget to take some cold shower after reading this or if you're reading this by night well sweet dreams to you too:)