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A Hopeless Romantic - Harriet Evans Well the book title attracts me though..the first 15 chapters well it felt like HOPELESS really, it's so unsettling and exhausting thinking how stupid Laura was in getting trouble falling in Love to an engage man( really hate those chapters):(, but after she realized that she cannot get what she wanted and renewed her view in life and relationship,
then comes Nick...I set in a pace when he came into view in the next few chapters...though he only comes brief he gives an impact to Laura, I'm hoping there should have been more romance in it but this book did not only set on how desperate love or falling in love is when you read it on the first few pages, it also went into family matters, how life is what it seems complicated..
I loved granny Mary she has all the wisdom and shares it to her granddaughter.. the impact of the consequences..of letting go or keeping the love especially when your looking for "the One"..
I felt a heavy heart when I finish reading this book because it just end like that just like that, maybe I'm just looking for more of what is in their future life would have been with Laura and Nick.. kids or some sort of epilogue maybe, some wedding at Chartley Hall..but it did not happen.
although I will always come back to the time when Laura met Nick, it was funny, sweet and unexpected, who would have thought he's the Lord of the mansion:) their 3day love affair was amazing even though its short leave...then there was the other events:
When they meet again at a business meeting,my heart went nuts...
When an unannounced invitation was given to her thanks to sweet Charles, my heart went on a back-flip...
Their meeting in the gallery where portraits of ancestors where watching them, my heart made a happy thump..
and last when Nick went to her apartment and propose to her that he will never let her go *sigh*...LOVE it is:)