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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan Re-editing my review for the third time *it's not you, it's me*:/okay?
*sniff* I don't like to be in the minority when everyone loves a book but me:(
Yes I know I've been warned that this book depicts a harsh way of living “The ugly truth" per se of life, I even read some reviews and since I read dark and other taboo books, this might quite be right from my alley..but no, maybe I wasn't prepared that Motorcycle clubs like this have all the power they can have even criminal ways that they can go easy with the law. What? They’re outlaws.
When I first rated this book, I was like, well it was intriguing, *its dark, gritty , raw and powerful* yes, I won’t deny that it really pushes my limit in reading such a book, part of it was the three male characters, and of course the heroine,
1. Deuce, oh got mesmerized by his iced blue eyes, me too but I don’t like what he was doing to Eva, having sex with another woman then feeling sorry, then done it again, really? Although I remembered when he was helpless to saved Eva being raped:( yes that was the turning point in the story but I can’t grasp the reality that someday soon, he’ll have sex with other women other than Eva again:(
2. Chase, what’s with this man anyway? Blackmailing Eva just to get her out of her pants,…I Hate Him!
3. Frankie, *psycho* :(
Eva, I like her when she was young but when she turned into a teenager, all good things were thrown off the window, I don’t like her anymore,
I cannot like a woman like her:(
Please don’t mind my review…This book got rave reviews and I’m still want to read the second book…I’m still trying to like the Motorcycle club genre, but I’m not forcing much as I’m sure it will take me not liking another if that’s the case. It is a great book if you are into this type of reading:)