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Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street, #1.6) - Samantha Young This is a sweet love story of how Adam and Ellie fell in love...

I was Ellie, Braden’s little sister. To Adam I would always be Braden’s little sister, and that meant I was off limits.

The story began when Ellie was sorting her stuffs in Adam's duplex since she moved there 3 months ago, finding what she was looking for, her diaries, Adam saw her and was eager to know what her feelings for him back then...

“I want to read about it,” he replied softly, the solemnity in his tone bringing my head up, my eyes to his. They glittered at me, full of tenderness and emotion that never failed to make me breathless. “I want every piece of you. Even the stuff I missed without even knowing I
was missing it.”

Told in Ellie's POV through her diaries, we witnessed how it all started, the way they fell in love to each other or more like frustrated sexual tension kind of love:P oh I think that sound redundant ahaha nvm:)

I always love Ellie in On Dublin Street as she is a "romantic" and I love how she often compare her life on romance books *sigh*
I adore Adam, and how possessive he was to Ellie and how he threatens every guy Ellie dated lol:D As you should know Adam is completely the opposite of Braden,well he might have some possessiveness attributes in him towards Ellie but sometimes it ended up more like a brotherly love and it frustrates me when he gave her mixed signals instead of staking his claim. Although he loved Ellie, he was afraid to ruin his friendship to Braden, and that gave him the dilemma through the years, silly boy:P
I love Braden in the story too, what a good big brother he is:) we also see some Joss too on the background when Braden was pursuing her hehehe:D

It was a nice wrap of how their story evolves and I enjoyed it, I cried again when Ellie was in the hospital and Joss doesn't know what to do:'/ *sniff*
all in all I really loved it and hope you enjoyed Ellie and Adam's love story too;)

I moved my head a little bit closer and our lips brushed, infinitesimally. Still, that slightest touch sent a bolt of lust straight through me.
Adam made a sound in the back of his throat and I swore he was about to close the distance between us...