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Beauty and the Blacksmith - Tessa Dare
“I need to know,” he said. “I need to know, right now, if you’re mine. I’ve been patient for years,and if need be, I can wait years more. I’ll do anything in my power to win you, to keep you. But I need
to know, this moment, if you’ll be mine in the end.” His hands moved to bracket her face, uncomfortably tight. His gaze burned into hers. “Tell me.”
With every wild beat, her heart thumped against his pendant. If she was looking for answers, she didn’t need to search any further than that.
“Yes,” she breathed. “Y—”
Before she could say it twice, his lips were on hers.

I loved it.

I've been wishing for Diana's story last year and glad it came true, never thought it's gonna be a novella but its still worth it.
*teaser* one thing I loved about the series is the book cover! they are always part of the story *grins* yes, you better read and find that scene!:D

This was a lovely story, and who would have thought a blacksmith will be the main hero, haven't read one before and Aaron was a swoon worthy smithy *sigh*. He's gentle, patient and thoughtful and even though he looks ragged on his work, he tries to dress himself properly even though Diana did not need any impression already 'cos she likes him for two years now.
They both harbored the same feelings towards each other but it was just now they confessed their affection to one another...

The side story was interesting, Charlotte was so comical, I would love to read a story of her soon and of course I won't forget Mr. Evermoore:D mwahaha, Mrs. highwood still gave me a headache with her matchmaking to her daughter but glad Diana stand to what she feels towards Aaron, that scene was chaos but still hilarious. And oh Colin made a cameo *swoon*.

I loved the romance,it was warm, delightful read and Diana and Aaron are perfect for each other, they are both opposite in society which made a major problem to both of them, I loved that both characters are trying their best to be part of each others lives, like Diana was going to cook for a meal for Aaron, that part made me laugh *snigger* and loved that Aaron made a ring especially for Diana, that just made me sighing happily:) I can't stop smiling and giggling throughout the story my jaw hurts hah:D

*one more thing on the next book, [b:Any Duchess Will Do|15724338|Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove, #4)|Tessa Dare|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357240391s/15724338.jpg|21399879] excerpt
my goodness the first scene was so funny, Dang I shouldn't read it but I was so eager to know more about Griffy lol:D

looking forward to reading more about my favorite series:D love me some Happily ever after story:)