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Allure - Nina Lane My favorite drawing by Liv:)

I love this book better than the first, its everything I want and then some. Even if you delete the sex scenes it still has a story to tell and isn't it that's what important while reading, to capture the essence of Love, its meaning and importance and the Author had done it well considering how shaky the marriage of Dean and Liv have, but they'd stay strong as a couple, working things out little by little, their commitment to each other was truly heart felt.

I love the drawings, they were a surprise in the book and I can't help but laugh over Dean trying hard to make one and Liv always have a smart reply hahaha:D

I laugh. “Lovely sentiment, but why did you draw a picture of a smiling butt?”
“A what?”
“A smiling butt.” I hold out the note.
“That’s a coffee bean.”
“Oh.” I squint at the picture. “Well, I guess I finally found something you can’t do very well.”

Another great read, I can't wait for more:)