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Jumping in Puddles - Barbara Elsborg image
"Some people dance in the rain. Others get wet,"
its more Contemporary than PNR actually, they are very realistic:)
I really liked this book but did not love as much as the Author's other books, and she's one of favorites:|

imageDon't get me wrong there's an interesting story about family obligations, the heroine needs to find the 'Kewen' a faerie treasure that plays a significant role in the story while on the part of the hero, he needs to restore his family's estate but he lacks the money for such renovation, yep, poor Lord of the manor.

imageWhat I'm complaining is that the treasure hunting part and the house restoration overlaps the relationship between Ellie and Jago, it should be good right? At least there's more plot than smexy scenes but still it felt something a little off in their relationship.I wish they had known each other at the beginning, see that's why I said realistic 'cos they didn't jump at each others skin:) And some has loose ends that I want to know more about.
imageI do love the other parts, well I gave 4 red stars for it *eyebrows wriggling*:]
I loved Ellie, LOVE her to pieces, her optimism and perseverance and determination to never backs down in a situation, God I love her lol well it provides a balance to Jago's attitude.
I only like Jago hmmm what can I say to Mr. Tireless complainer hahaha:D poor guy, he might have a title but its useless, he'd been caught up with family responsibilities and its eating him alive:( glad Ellie became his sunshine:)

imageI love the banter too which made the H/h seemed they known each other for a long time, there are laugh out loud moments but it was too little even the humor during sex got only little part.
It was an enjoyable read:) and another beautiful story from my fav Author:}