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Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23) - Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Be kind to everyone you meet, for we are all fighting a fierce battle.”

“...Life, like war, is neither right nor wrong. It just is. And rather than worry over a philosophy you can’t change, you should just try to live through it as best you can.”

Warning: the events in Styxx's life is very nauseating, do not attempt to read if you are not comfortable with raped, abuse, violence, war, degradation, and torture and other acts of inhumane proportions.
and read the book Acheron first before this.

Time can heal a broken heart, but can anything save a shattered soul?

You think Acheron, Darling or even Zhadist from BDB got it worst in their life then you haven't met Styxx.

as the twin brother of Acheron, many had thought that Styxx was the arrogant, pampered prince who turned against Ash when he badly needed saving...not knowing that gods' pawns disguised themselves as Styxx in order to kidnapped the real Styxx so that the gods could raped him to no end
with the allure he has like his brother many people wanted him and physically abused his body.
His family hated him because they saw Acheron in his presence, his father had doubted he's one of them, his mother hated him for being born and even Ryssa, their sweet sister, while she was all caring to Ash, she had the worst to say towards Styxx

and as fuck up like his brother, he feels the pain that Ash bore when he was tortured and degrade a worst gift given to him by life.
His brother wasn’t the only one damned. It was both of them. Two lives tied together in complete and utter misery.

“Acheron thinks that just because he has it bad, I have it good.”

both brothers had it good when they where young, even abused by their father, they communicate like two little kids finding ways to be happy only for a little while...

Will you keep it for me, Styxx? I would weep if it were lost.
Pulling it toward him, he cradled it to his chest. “I won’t let it be harmed, Acheron. It will be here for your return. I promise.”
No matter where they lived or how far apart, they were still brothers.
Forever and always.

until they were separated...
both their life has thrown into spiral, prejudice to both part got them in bitter hatred to each other because people around them feed them with false reality...

Hatred was a lot easier to deal with than guilt or remorse. And memories that couldn’t be changed. Styxx knew that better than anyone.

It’s amazing the damage we do to ourselves and others when all we’re trying to do is protect ourselves from being hurt.


The truth is not always obvious, and it's never easy

Styxx might be the best character so far, he exceeds Ash.
he was totally misunderstood by most people, I for one...I hate him in the book Acheron. I don't know his side of story until now and I never thought that I will love him way better than Ash.
He is humble, loyal and compassionate to those he loved even to Ash if only Ash saw his true nature, but Ash was blinded by his grudges towards his brother
he wasn't the spoiled rotten prince people knew.
He cared to his men at war and he doesn't take anything for granted because he knows first hand how happiness can be stolen in just a glimpse.
there's only two people who loved and cared for him, and I loved them for taking good care of him.
What I love most about him was his strength and resilience, the pain he dealt with, the longings he'd gone through, he did give up most of the time, cos he wanted out of this life so badly. you will feel his emotion pouring out of the story. He endured it all. He survived. He's a better man through and through.
Another thing I like about him was his sarcasm, it's very sharp which made me laugh sometimes. His ability to hide his pain is what gets him into trouble because no one knows his true feelings.
People make their own reality...A hundred people can witness the same exact event, and give two hundred and three different accountings of it.
“Everything is filtered through our emotions that change over time,...listen to both sides of every matter and try to find the truth that lies somewhere between the opposing accounts.”

The most beautiful heart of all is the one that can still love even while it bleeds, and especially after its been broken into thousands of pieces.

He never dared of finding love, when he jumped off a cliff to kill himself...which eventually did not succeed cos he was bound to Ash's life force, he was founded by a beautiful blind woman who took care of him, she didn't know him and he gave him a false name because Styxx was scared that she might hate him too.
Her name was Bethany...
Bethany was the right hand of Dikastis, their god of justice. and in order not to judge others for what she saw, she is to be blind when she took human form. and also she's the Atlantean goddess of misery and wrath.
while Styxx was scared that Bethany might reject him for finding the truth that he was a the infamous prince most people falsely accused him to, Bethany was also afraid to tell him that she was a goddess.
not knowing that it wouldn't even matter because love have already bound their two hearts.

Styxx and Bethany got the best love team ever and it spans through the years together and apart. unlike other couples who had it in a couple of weeks and declared their HEA.
they have the genuine love for each other and you can't help but support them against all odds for better or for worst...
Their love for each other was ordinary, a weary soldier and a simple girl which made it very special.
Their complete trust to each other and their vow of never letting go was the part that made me cry.

“I will count the heartbeats until I see you again.”
“And I will make your count as brief as possible. I promise.”
“And I will be counting down every beat of my heart until we’re together.”

the very strong message of it is that Love is the source of strength from someone we dearly love and makes things alright even in the depths of darkness, the pulse that we hear for us to continue living and the light that will lead us back to their warm embrace...
Faithfully yours.

“Never once in my life did I feel sunshine on my skin until the day you touched me,” he breathed in her ear. “And without my Bethany, I dwell in total darkness.”

What they have was truly Heart felt, heart wrenching, beautifully tragic but also there's a Hope that it will find a way no matter what, a love so profound that even through the test of time, no matter how life will separate them, a

There's a lot of going on in this book, a lot of twist and surprising revelations and I hope I have a dark hunter guide book to help me with all the characters, the enemies are still the enemies and and the good one's? well I love them and there's nothing to say.
one of my favorite heroes, Urian has an important role in this book.
I'm a little bit angry to Ash because he's the one who's holding grudges to Styxx. but I still love the man of course I love him, he's inspirational...just don't tell him that I have a soft spot towards Styxx lol:D
I thought I would never get a happy ending, the suffering that Styxx went through I thought it would not end happily but I'm glad it did.
I wanted to say more but my ramblings doesn't do any justice on how much I love this book. Every time I try and come here and made some editing work, a tear will fall, its just to much to bear, I don't even want to share this review. That's how tough it is. I will hold this book so dearly.

Another amazing and torturous book from the master of fucked up PNR heroes Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is the best she got!
Styxx held his hand out to his brother. Acheron took it and allowed him to pull him to his feet.
They stared at each other, fully united for the first time since the day Estes had taken Acheron to Atlantis. Brothers forever and always.
Acheron hugged him close