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Run To You - Charlotte Stein
Hope is the thing that keeps you going when everything is awful and dark and you don’t know which way to turn.

This book is different, that it puts a unique twist on the stereotype fictional billionaire mad man lol.
and the hero here is nothing like that.
it seems most contemporary books have this typical wealthy hero that has his fare share of dark past that turns to ruin and intrigue the story isn't it, but Janos is nothing of the sort.

‘I don’t know why I am the way I am.’
‘I was going to guess childhood trauma.’
‘No, no childhood trauma. No terrible event in my teens, no sudden grief that forever formed me into this closed-off creature...’

and that's why its more interesting, you get into the mind of the heroine figuring out what Janos is up to, assuming things but likely not getting close to what will happen next but oh sooo good when it happened in a much better way.

(view spoiler)

Alissa has an extreme inferiority complex that might irritate a reader but to me it was something different and for her to do things and wanted change for a little bit and having the courage to take the plunge was amazing and Janos has a little bit of loosing up too especially his control, to see him tearing up his layers of sophistication and wealth was beautiful. They both let themselves undone by each other physically and emotionally.

The chemistry of both the H/h was heart felt and you wanted them to be together, that luxury and ordinary life might be two worlds apart but everything is possible if you hold that hope in you.

I love this book, yes it was written in heavy narrative its hard to digest at first but since I re-read it, it flows freely and I love the execution of the story.
The sex scenes, the conflict and the romance was well versed it made my heart ached in the last few pages.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/696256348