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Lucy in the Sky - Barbara Elsborg (Erotica)3.5 stars

"Mine," Three whispered. "You're mine."...
"Mine," he repeated,...

with that word I'm a goner...*sigh*:)

Cute, light, fun, and sexy x10(I mean it, its sex overload!;])
I had so much fun reading this! Love Three and Lucy, they're lovable characters...I Love Lucy, she might be talkative but she makes me laugh with her silliness even during sex and the way she talked to the plants was so cute and endearing. When she told Hyll about 'what is love' was truly heartfelt:D I adore Three, and how protective and possessive he was to Lucy in any way possible! their banter were hilarious, and I don't know how they find ways to have sex wherever they may be even in times of trouble Ha!:D
I love the secondary characters Hyll and Zend..Wow! these two men were Hot...the pool scene was worth drooling for lol!:)

There were only two conflicts in the story: whether Three is human or an Alien and how to get Lucy back on earth...Although the story focus too much on the scorching Hot scenes, the Author did not forget the character development and I love how Three and Lucy grow with each other throughout the story...