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Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan
What they had was some real forever kind of bullshit.

that quote sums up every couple involved in the story!
12 hours later and I'm still processing my thoughts about this book, I have mixed emotions towards this series and most of the time I can't help but rant haha:D *shrugs* what gives? I have my own opinion to share too you know:P

I enjoyed this book, laughed on some parts, even loved some scenes but I can't ignore how "reckless" most characters were and that certain stupidity had an effect to the ones they loved, talking about angst and there is still cheating in the story, that word cannot be hide in a spoiler tag, the reader needs to know that part because its a trigger point and also some irreparable consequences made by Danny which made me angry, pity her for doing such an act though, but who's to blame? she was a total wrecked at that moment:(

This is more like a five in one story so many side stories, I wasn't okay with Deuce and Eva getting their unfair share of pages and then some characters branch out and made a story within the story but don't worry Ripper and Danny got enough pages to build, break and rebuild their love story.

I did loved the story, Ripper made me laughed on some parts when he doesn't know what to do if anyone discovered him and Danny being together. I was anticipating the part when Deuce will find out about them hah:D You see, they were quite palpable as a couple, the Romeo and Juliet kind of forbidden love..
It broke my heart on some of their mistakes, that was it a mistake and as the story quoted "life goes on", they went down hill both of them, hurt each other but I'm glad they made it through.

The other couples were interesting too.
Deuce and Eva again, well at least some things were put to rest and I'm glad about that,I don't like Deuce on some parts( okay I STILL DON'T LIKE HIM:D) he done it again duh *rolls eyes*...
Loved the part of Kami and Cox:D I'll share a snippet:
read it for your enjoyment if you want:D(pardon the profanity)its the way they talk;)
“Cox!” Kami screamed, stalking into the room. “Shut your stupid Mexican mouth!”
Cox glared at her. “Bitch, I’m Puerto Rican!”
She waved her hand dismissively. “Whatever. Don’t you have some lawns to mow?”
“I’m Puerto fuckin’ Rican!”
“What! Ever!
“Bitch! Don’t you got some rich boy cock you need to suck off for a new pair a fuckin’ shoes?”
“Fuck you!”
“No, bitch, fuck you! I’m fuckin’ Puerto Rican! Say it, Kami, say Puerto Rican!”
“Say it!”
“American Indian!”
Eva quickly got to her feet. “I’m, um, going to—”
Cox spun on her. “You’re gonna to go fix this shit!” he bellowed. “Before it ain’t just Prez who’s
fallin’ apart, but my fuckin’ family and the whole goddamn club!”
“Don’t you dare blame her for anything!” Kami hissed.
“See!” Cox roared. “You’re always sidin’ with her! You’d jump off a fuckin’ bridge if she did!”
“Yes, I would!” Kami shrieked. “Did you actually think there was a chance I’d choose some hot
Cuban piece of ass over my Evie?”
Tegen and Cage: *shaking my head* I like Tegen before and then not anymore:/
Hawk-Dorothy-Jase: yes I'm going to read this,angst and all!
Zz: WHERE ARE YOU? I'm worried:(

This series is true grit and that's the charm of it, flip it over and its still the same hell, shake it, rant it, feel it. Hate, Love and Madness!