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Kiss a Falling Star - Barbara Elsborg 5 Stars and add the Constellations;)

oh the Suspense, it got me Again E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E not only in this book I think all of her books.Amazing!
Damn Ms. Elborg is Brilliant. BRILLIANT!:)
she can make a sudden twist at last chapters and it keeps turning never boring...

Caspar is a catch and his name says it all...Master of Treasure..he's a Treasure you can keep:)
he's a vulnerable man who keeps a secret and that got me curious.

Ally is so awesome, she has nine lives and you will love her on how she protect and defend Caspar, her quick wit will make you belly roll hahah..her version of "she's climbing round the mountain" is a crack hahaha.
the suspense on who's trying to kill her will tie you to the story..
the relationship is sweet. just too sweet when they first met and the Stars ooh...

Definitely re-read on this book...

Still my favorite and best is "Strangers" Charlie and Kate grows on me I can't even let them go or Replace:)