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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher 5 amazing stars for it will rip your head out of your neck

yes I gave this book 5 stars 'cause it gave me heavy eyelids after I woke up... crying last night.

now I need to question my sanity for reading this book.

I read the reviews first before reading this to prepare myself on whats coming but still it took me off guard..

I can't put this book down, no matter how much I frown, I think I have just gotten some wrinkles on my forehead...it was done in simple writing style, you know the very loooong thoughts of a person's POV on simple things.

so yeah reading the story is like you've got lost..in the wilderness, somewhere else..Australia?!great place eh! just like what Ty usually say to Gemma...

As you got thru the story you don't know if your exploring the desert of someplace in Australia, learning some Aborigine culture from TY..or just getting along with the him.

I wanted to stop reading but I wanted something will happen to both of them...but still nothing, Gemma can't forgive Ty for what he'd done to her...but all Ty had done was kidnapped her nothing else no touching no nothing he just introduce her to the wild vast of sands and muds, and all others things we consider useless.

on the last few pages of the book.. I started to cry.. choking on my tears, my throat tightened. It gets me nowhere and then its going to end abruptly and I don't know What to do...Crying last night, and not getting over what happened to the story...

after reading this, I got confused, lost.. my emotions where all over the place. I can't take it, I can't forget it...I was drown on how Ty showed his love to Gemma, and I don't know if Gemma felt the same...
I think I'm affected to the Stockholm syndrome even though Gemma didn't have it...

I should have listen to the reviewers but it got me hook up.trying to understand what happened but still doesn't understand...

It makes me hate something or better yet it makes me hate the book itself and then love the book, it made me so f%#ked-up too..makes me want to throw something..hate hate hate.. I should have listen to the reviewers but nooo. I read it and cried stupidly..and that's why I hate or love it.see I got confused:_(