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More Than Words - Karla Doyle well this was a fun read after a dark book smh...I love how they met...online gaming seriously haha...if that happens in real life I'm creeping out..so don't give infos to strangers even just a lil hint,Don't.. take note on that...
but luckily H/h made it perfect quite well...not knowing who they are behind the computer...then liking each other not knowing who she/he is...well damn...how can you not like a guy chatting with you with sexy words while playing scrabble, that will make me blush:)

Travis Graham is a rockstar not so popular but his band sings in club make all ladies swoon...and Calli Yates is an owner of 'Romance U' a store where all goodies for pleasure included:)
one time when they're playing scrabble online...they ask each other they're location while they're both cautious on that..Calli type the slogan of her store..then Travis Google it..yeah nice for Google doing the searching...when he found the store, he bump to the wrong girl, which was the sister of Calli, then after the chatting at a cafe...he keeps on doubting this was not the girl he chatted online, so once he went online later that night and realize that was not Calli, and put two and two together, he went back to the store and then BAM! found the beautiful Calli, very shy behind the counter...

when Calli was starstruck who Travis was, sexy as ever with some tattoo and plays guitar in a band and sing some which he said online...and then they play the classic scrabble at her apartment above the store..Scrabble with a mix of truth or dare..and the hotness begin...when her dog was whining loudly behind the door they realize her dog was in some trauma of some kind..when Travis told her they need to take the dog in the Vet..she said she can't go...the hell was...she can't step out her door at night.. a trauma she got after an accident that happened to her almost two years ago...that's two years of not going outside after sundown...

I think I love how the story got some uniqueness in it... not the typical found-you-singing-I-love-you-already type...the pace was slow, but I love they're bantering online....and how Travis being a jerk sometimes but sweet:)
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