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Big Sky - Kitty Thomas 1 star for how cruel the story was and 5 stars for how well it was written, dark, gritty, disturbing and I want to throw up gahhh...I want to erase everything I've read on this book....I need something to forget what happened...

Veronica’s head fell back on the grass as she looked up at the sky that went on forever. She felt like a cloud, detached from her body, floating up there in the big bright blue. Her breath came in and out in slow, measured sounds that lulled her like the hypnotic waves on the beach. Her college drug experimentation had been limited, but this was almost like being high. It was definitely an altered state. She couldn’t remember ever being this relaxed before as the breeze brushed over her face. The leaves on a nearby apple tree became the most fascinating things she’d ever seen. A small group of butterflies fluttered around in her line of sight, and she couldn’t be sure if they were even real. When they fluttered off, she felt she’ d become one with the tree, the grass she lay on, and the fluffy clouds. She felt open like the sky.
and this part of the story was for you to take a deep breath after what happened and what will happens next...

Luke Granger is one hell of a sociopath...! I hate him through and through... I hate that he keeps on saying to Veronica..."I saved you" "I rescue you" "you'll get used to it" "you'll be happy here" ahhhh total freak.
This book comes with a Warning!!!!