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The Consolation Prize - Barbara Elsborg "My heart's dancing a jig in my chest," she whispered.
"It's dancing with mine."

in terms of plot, this is wayyy better than the second book in the series...
I love Chloe and her sense of humor and her ability not to give up hope..I just hate that she forgives Luka easily...its just so unfair.
I love and hate Luka, sheesh his trust issues is out of scale I hate it, it hurts my heart TOO MUCH than the rape and violence that occurred to him...seriously after she saved him from the clutches of the vampire B***hes and go lovey dovey to her then after he heard from Selena(grandmother of Chloe) and thought Chloe was conniving with them (which is not 'cause she doesn't know her granny was a vampire)then he goes berserk all over her saying things to her...that is NoT Cool and it took a lot of that in the story and my heart went numb.*sniff:_(

I love the three stuffed toys of Chloe: Rufus the dragon, Angel the unicorn and Phoebe the princess...'the six and a half senses' hahaha
sometimes they're a pain in the head but still so cute when they are bickering to each other and keep on changing their positions on the shelves and how they work on putting the hero and the heroine together:)

so yeah I love the story,enjoyed the banter of the H and h and lots and lots of love scenes hah but the plot overshadowed it phew that was close.