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Lightning in a Bottle - Barbara Elsborg I can't keep lightning in a bottle. I know that. You'll always be who you are. My wild and crazy Erin, and I'll always love you

I love this book! from the first time Felix and Erin met , they went Wam Bam without even knowing each others name...so silly hahaha...

I love Erin...she's one hyperactive and insatiable woman and she don't eat only drinks 'plasmic' don't ask, that I have no idea:)and she's totally hilarious... warned by her parents that she's allergic to the sun...she found out later on that she's a vampire princess of a vampire race called trueblood...
I love Felix...ooooh total hotness...who wants some artist-sculptor hero..'me.me.me':). Being the thirteenth Earl by default, for his parents died in an accident,..had a bad reputation to everyone who knows his family,got lots of debt he then sold their ancestral home to the Markov(Erin's family)
there's lots of fun in this book despite the past of Erin that's scary,not dark just the ewwy kinda scary thing.
I love both characters and their perfect chemistry...love their banter that made me laugh loud:D
almost 3/4 of the story are sex scenes in a very detailed writing style, spoil the imaginations...bet you'll love that *cough:)
the love scenes went in and out of bed/couch/floor/roof/in the rain/table/pottery wheel/bathroom/beach/soil 'six feet under'? nah they can't even move there:) hmmm what's left oh the wall hahaha.

this is Exactly how I pictured Erin and Felix playing and making a clay pot.:D 'dirty, messy and NAKED' *squeeeeeee

and to think of it, this is just 1 out of almost 30 scenes they've done together..I'm still surprised my nose didn't bleed:)