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An Ordinary Girl - Barbara Elsborg And still "Strangers" is my BEST book on Ms. Elsborg novels Hands down:)

4.5 stars:)
Nothing on this book was Ordinary..everything is so complex both characters are dynamic you can't escape with the demons their hiding.

The story behind the story...oh my God...it made me shiver, shudder and gasp for air..and not only that..my memory of the film "Changeling" keeps on hunting me again because of this book...no no no no...terrifying? no! its horrifyingly gruesome!So Amazing..

I had a hard time liking Noah...I don't know, because of his PTSD.. and Ash is the only one who can light up the book with awkward and hilarius jokes to make me happy:D and the romance is Exquisite...and I really hate the people who hinders their relationship...

I like Ronan..gay or dom or bi, he's a best friend you can rely on..

my first time to read a m/m scene, and I don't know what to do..gladly I did not flinch on the scene,..but I went wide eyed reading it and my heart keeps on thumping 0_0

there's something missing on the relationship of Noah and Ash, maybe they should get to know more of each other on the first few chapters,...anyway its still Great book, so unique ..lots of steam..its loaded:)
and the drama..and a little bit of a THRILLER point.

I wonder and hope that the children's of the murderers will do better for the world just like what Ash did:)