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Generational Sins (Generational Sins, #1) - Samantha Blair
She was my darkest secret and my greatest light

If I say This is a beautiful story of love and holding to each other amidst the trauma of an abusive life many readers will raise their eyebrows.Well I hope not=)


Its more difficult to read the actual abuse than a person who talks about his abusive past.Its just harsh.This is not for the faint of heart...the first scene was horrible I keep on cringing. Yes!a taste of the dark side.
I hate David's father.arghh he's a Monster!he abuse his wife,taught David that women are merely toys, a plaything to be used and disregard after and holds control to everything..How detrimental will that affect a young David? its Worst.David became afraid of his father,follows everything his father wants and did to the women he bedded.He became absorbed into rough sex until he met Kat,an experienced Sub and taught him about BDSM with the help of her ex-dom Cody...Honestly,I'm still confused if David could handle being a Dom..he can play the part but he experienced a life that crosses a thin line between sexual abuse and BDSM and he's totally confused and afraid if he was hurting Kat.

I'm very grateful that I live with a loving a caring family and to witness such abusive situation in a family was heart-wrenchingly painful..I cried:_( especially on Davids part:

How ridiculous that I should need comforting.I was supposed to be the strong one, the dominant one.What a joke. She had always been stronger than me.Much Stronger.

in every moment Kat was always on his side,always trusting,always caring,his anchor.Kat is a strong character to play a part of a sub.hey its her lifestyle she craves for BDSM,I'm not gonna argue with that. after she was abused by her father-in-law I was surprised that she got only a little trauma on that event while David was the one who was triggered on what happened and doesn't want to touch Kat.

I love and hate David!he's not your typical Dom,the all alpha sadistic male..no no no no.He's one caring and loving husband..he's just "sweet" and I don't know how to explain it.

David became my rock, my foundation. Without his discipline, I would never have made it through. He encouraged me. He corrected me. he refused to let me waste away as I wanted to do. He was my everything.

Sometimes I want to snap him and want him to act as a dominant but no! he's just afraid to his father.David can't leave his family especially his mother."My mother",he had always answered. "He would blame my mother for raising a rebellious son. She is innocent in this, and I cannot leave her."

on Katlyn, I just love the strength of this woman, I love how she stays on David's side all through the family drama.she's just strong! after what happened to her,she still wants Bdsm while David was the one who was affected...how he hold onto David and whispered words to him..its just perfect...

She was perfection. The light in my dark. My incredible wife.My forever

The Past the Present and the POV:
haha..this is one confusing storyline but it just made the story more believable,you will see both their POV in an interchanging timeline..

The relationship:
I love how they became bestfriend first then started a relationship. The Author didn't put much detail..But its Love.the one that a husband and wife hold onto each other through thick and thin.bond,trust,commitment.Amazing.And their love on the situation one me over.The lyrics of this song is just who they are with each other=)
I Won't Let Go- Rascal Flatts