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The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders
I agree that this book is on the "thin line between Love and Hate" shelves arghhh I'm such a sucker for heartbreaking love stories, I was crying in every chapter that when the happy moment came my tears have all dried up:)The trust issue was so difficult to settle in the story,the couple keeps on fighting and crying and dragging you with their drama Amazing!!:) I'm with Theresa from the very beginning that's why I'm so blinded to Alessandro's pleading moments to keep the marriage going..in the end I'm glad that he was forgiven and worth the redeeming love!:)
Logan's gifs explains how I felt throughout the story

I still love it though, how the story grabs you in there despite all the drama, cry with them, hate and love them Amazing!:) there are minor errors on the editing dept. but all is well:)