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Cut & Run  - Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux Thank you so much Racht for recommending this book to me(((HUGS)))
I really enjoyed it.image
Now I know why readers love Ty and Zane,they just...bond in an extraordinary way once you get close to them both..you know what I mean...the chemistry is in there and you just don't want them to part ways...
I love how they fight in ways that they both cared for each other, how they mend to it and then make a common ground until they start bickering again:D love the romance, it was so believable and I understand why it was slow in the relationship building since this is the first book in the series...For me it was their "kisses" that hold to me more, its so intimate Ha!:D I even read the short story "Dine and Dash" to add extra more spices, well I'm greedy sometimes hehehe..
love the humor and the name calling...when Ty opens his mouth I can't help smiling and chuckling:D and also when he lick his lips, I think I unconsciously lick my lips too, he is so contagious:)!!!
Both men are just adorable together,I want to keep them both, can I??I wish, *sigh:)

I love the charming thrill of mystery books, they made you think...I'm so happy that I got the suspect correctly, its just so much fun to be with Ty and Zane throughout the story..I'm gonna give credit to the villain, he's just awesome how he'd done all the crimes and how he works with his victims *shudder it was horrifyingly messed-up and I love it..it glued me throughout the story..

Awesome book, characters you'll love over and over and a plot that will keep you into it...