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Mikalo's Grace (The Mikalo Chronicles, #1) - Syndra K. Shaw image
yes! Mikalo has a cleft chin and I wanna lick that jaw too hahaha
I hope he shows some dimples.:D

phew! gonna post the photo again it ran away hahaha:D I hope it shows up pretty please.
Mikalo is too good, too good to be True!:(
Well he's young, charming, handsome, rich, friendly, I don't like his accent though,its ringing in my head the way he used yes and no in every sentences oh please stop it.. and nope! he's not an Alpha male so sad:(
He might be a breath of fresh air to those Alpha rich man books we read now a days. I would have love my Mikalo IF he didn't share his Grace...why oh why..come on even nice guys have a high dose of jealousy but Mikalo didn't bother how Grace was dancing and humping on another guy in front of him.no no no no no..and that's not it..in accordance to the trust issue Grace have, he tied and blindfolded her in bed..it would be nice if he's the one doing it but he let his 4 friends do the thing to her..I was totally turn off on that part:(

the story was only told in Ronan's POV->she's Grace by the way.Her parents name her Ronan to be strong but it seems she's not..she's always anxious on Mikalo not getting the job and staying in New York all through out the story, she became thoughtless on other people, she forgot that her best friend has a miserable life..she got jealous about Mikalo when he went to comfort his bestfriend girl or talk to her bestfriend,she has a right on that part but Mikalo keeps on saying that she needs to trust him and not get jealous..

there's a lot of sex in this book but if a story is not poignant the sex scenes becomes dull:)