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Night Play - Sherrilyn Kenyon My first ever DH book, I can't believe it:) it feels like... well last year haha, way back when I don't know there's a Goodreads site...happy memories:)

There's so much information on who, what, where and how these characters came from especially the Hero, but it was explained in every detailed in the beginning,which got me interested in the first place. So...I won't going to tackle that anymore but I'll make some rambling thoughts about the Hero and Heroine and also why I love this book!:)

I love Vane, such a genuine man, he is an Alpha male alright who always takes care of his Lady and protect her when trouble snaps out of nowhere. He will fight whoever is going to hurt his mate.
I adore Bride, she is very different from the Author's other heroines because of her physical attributes, she's "Rubenesque" like. which was kinda refreshing from those lean and sexy woman out there, but Bride carries herself with grace although sometimes she felt insecure on her weight but Vane is always there to say, that he won't let anything change from her and that he loves her flaws and all *sigh* and oh she can kick ass too even if its her mother-in-law she's butt kicking;)

This book was sweet, with humor, sarcasm, some swoon worthy scenes and fight scenes from enemies...its a little bit fluffy though compared to the other books but wa hey its my first book in the series, I've been enthralled by the universe the Author made, and I'm addicted to it!:)♥