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Born of Night  - Sherrilyn Kenyon
*“You have to learn to smile through your pain. Sometimes it’s all we got.”*

She belonged to the day, to warmth and sunshine.
Her world was light and wonderful, filled with love and laughter.
And he was born of night. His mother was the darkness, her cold embrace was all he had a right to crave.

I love that the story focuses more on the characters and not the sci-fi world!:) and its easy to read...

Nykyrian as the hero was hard to love, his cold approach to everyone, just wants you to squirm and hide and dang it frustrates me sometimes on his actions towards Kiara:(, considering his brutal past(definitely not for the faint of heart) was too raw and painful. And yes that's why he acted cold and unfeeling but behind those facade is a good man, who protects and saves the people he cared for:) and oh he can cook!!!:)

I hate and liked Kiara, its my first time to read a heroine from this Author that her character is flawed, weak, thoughtless and okay let's put what Syn said to her, she's a SNAP:“Single. Naive. Amateur. Person"
The way she acted towards Nykyrian when he killed his brother was a low blow, she should have thought Nykyrian's feeling and that he saves her again! she knows that he is an assassin, its already given he can kill anyone yet she overreacted hmp:( I know she had a trauma from her childhood but still... so glad she redeem herself in the end and I did like her more than before:)

Their first dance together was my favorite *swoon* and of course their first kiss *sigh*

I love Nykyrian's friends and colleagues, the men were quite charmers and to think Nykyrian is their boss was awkward lol...
their banter were hilarious and it provide a balance to the tension in the story.

I found another favorite series from my favorite Author and another tortured hero whom I want to hug again *sigh*:)

“Thank you."
"For what?"
"For giving me a life worth living. I know I’m not worth it, and that I don’t deserve it, but I swear to the gods I finally believe in that I will spend every moment I have left making you happy and trying to be worthy of you.”

“Nykyrian, you are worth everything to me. And you always will