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Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #3) - Sherrilyn Kenyon imageOMG I missed my favorite characters, they were introduce in this book:D..from Vane, Val, Zarek, Wren, and Nick(oh my poor Nicky, I missed his old self, always teasing Ash, and always got a humor handy when there's a problem brewing in the story now in the new books he's all bad and untamable and hates everyone including Ash:) and oh found Dev in the story with the rest of the Peltier family where they owned the awesome Sanctuary, a famous Biker bar where "weres" like them can socialize with humans. its so amazing to read a series in a Non-chronological order, you'll just noticed something was missing until you went back to the first published books;]

imagethe Hero is Talon/Speirr,a Dark Hunter. When he saved a woman from the Daimons in the street, he fell insta lust with her.
Sunshine is an Artist. When the man saved him from the Daimons, there was this Mardi Gras float that hit the man so he took him to her house...after a few days they have known each other there were dreams that hunt Sunshine in the past, a past where Talon was his husband in another life although Talon has the same features he was before, Sunshine was not. Talon had this feeling that his wife's soul was reincarnated into Sunshine's body. Happy to know that he found his wife again and the fact that Sunshine is completely different with his wife. He was falling inlove with Sunshine but two things was stopping him: 1. He was cursed by the Celtic god Camulus that when he falls inlove w/ a woman, she will die. 2. he's undead and has no soul and he is under the service of the goddess Artemis to fight the Daimons.

imageThe romance was good, Sunshine was one quirky heroine and always forgot what she needed, and I'm glad she's not only sweet but also a tough girl who fights what she wants in life a perfect counterpart with the hero.Talon was amazing such a tortured man, and I love that Ash trust him to be cool and calm in order to fight his battles..I love that he live in the bayou, his pet alligator Beth was cute, huh? lol:D him and Sunshine were perfect match, sexy and lovable, but honestly the actions in the story were better than the romance in my opinion:)

imageThere's so many things happened in this book that I wish I read it sooner..
Ash and the crew were amazing, there were funny moments that made me laugh and some of them were from Nick:D I missed his witty side so much:_(, there's a lot of actions going on here and Artemis arghh I really hate her in this book although I forgave her already,the series always quoted it that:Sorry do not fix anything and I don't like how she treated Ash even sexually:( I really want her to have a little bit of respect to Ash but she won't do it because of her pride:( in the book Acheron, everything change,where everything was too late to fix the love left broken:/.
imagethis was the book were one brother had just known the past of their brother. Val for one, realizing that Zarek was his brother after all the centuries that his family treated Zarek as a whipping slave boy.(I still love Valerius better than Zarek regardless of the past:P)
and also Styxx even though he hates Ash for eleven thousand years..he finally realized what had happened in the past when goddess Mnimi gave him the punishment as a gift revisiting the past in Ash's eyes, which only made me cry all over again *sobs*image