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After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna ♥Kelly Robak is a keeper!!!:)

and I loved him to pieces♥♥♥ He is just the perfect example of the quote 'don't judge the book by its cover' and honestly if I doubt him the first time I read his part and how Erin describe him, I should have had hide myself on my cute shell cos' I put assumptions on him.
at first glance you might thought of him as the same as other Alpha males out there but he's not, he's an exception and I mean that he has a good heart, a kind heart even,well okay other heroes have good hearts too but Kelly was just a rare character, a one in a million, you can't find someone like him on today's books so far, I really like him to be out of the book and be human, did I find some flaws on him, none...
He's just a responsible, mature guy who was raised by not so decent parents and still, he wasn't like them and that's what I love about him:)
and you know what's great about him, his expertise in bed became just a bonus part of him because even without that you'll still gonna love him because of his beautiful character:)

I loved Erin, she didn't annoy me when I'm on her head, actually I'm feeling the same way like her, like I want to stole some glances over Kelly, if ever he notices me or something, waiting for a move *sigh*
that thump thump thump on the heart kind of feeling *swoon*
and if ever Kelly's gonna come close and just merely talk, or smile *melts*
I felt like Erin too, I thought Kelly would be the same as other guys, the bad-ass jerk type guys because "that's" the stereotype of Alphas, like I said don't make assumptions on him...again he's a good man!:) don't ever think otherwise.

I loved both characters determination and perseverance towards life, even though both their families became a burden to them, they still work hard and do their their best to become a better person..they strive and succeed, they don't back down, and that went into both of them having power struggles in their relationship but in the end it work as they they both became anchor and storm to each other:)