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How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo I think I fell in love to Paul not because of his songs but his thoughts on that tape recorder, I swear I can't stop grinning or laughing when he toss those 'goddamn' thoughts he have haha:)

I want the full lyrics of "the day I became a ghost by Doug Blackman"

reading this book feels like your on a plane, not knowing for sure if that plane will crash or have a safe landing, believe me the second half got my heart beating fast all through out from page 2++ :) and you'll got to know why its titled 'how to kill a rock star'

I love the characters so believable, everything just so put on...
sometimes I want to bump the heads of Eliza and Paul...
'save the savior' is a great song...I kinda felt 'a thousand ways' by loring..

you got to READ this book, you'll gonna laugh, cry, laugh harder, break your heart, cry, laugh ooh I'm sounding like a broken record here anyway that's not all...there are quotes that are so inspirational that you gonna keep on thinking about it after reading this...you'll gonna know so many things behind the music and what's happening on it..:)