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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young only 3 stars 'cause I'm giving the 5 stars to Ellie Carmichael, the secondary character who made me laugh,cry and fall in love and brightens the story. Without her, I couldn't have gotten pass thru' the second half oh hell I want to read the cheesy bits with her and Adam...
and also for wrapping the story in one book..thank God Ms. Samantha Young didn't put it in trilogy...

me in a singsongy tone: you know them books when you open it and a gash of strong wind sweep you out of your feet 'cause danger arises well this book got me there and it drag me through hell...thanks for Jocelyn for putting me into that position, that made me pouting like a child...not for long it took me to heaven 'cause another gash of wind more like a tornado to me is one hot guy...who keeps on flirting,one who has the charms, the wits, ooohh and he's showing some alpha male qualities too...and he keeps me smiling and giggling like a child whenever he laughs to Jocelyn's broody mood *sigh:) Braden is a keeper!

me in a serious tone: the relationship build-up is more European to me you know,'the wooing thing (no offense to American guys who jumps when the iron is hot no pun intended, I'm serious...you see..Braden didn't jump too soon on Joss 'knickers' right... he waits until he can't help himself on itching for Jocelyn...or more like his patience and flirting is not enough and do some *cough dry humping *cough cough hahaha...

it's not all about the relationship...it's also about Jocelyn's past and her issues towards people she loved...that also got me hook on the first page:)
"but shit happens,babe, there's no protecting against it. you also can't let it take over your life and rule your relationships with people. We need to enjoy the time we have, however long it's going to be. Stop running."