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The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan
His hand moved upwards so that now he held my jaw in a shaky grip. " You’re so beautiful, you know that?" His voice cracked with desolation, and he flinched at its betrayal. "It f*cking burned me just to look at you in there!"

"...From the moment we met, it’s only been you."


'cause I fell in love to another dark book again, I better let my head be check:)


Oh poor Finn, been bitten and abused in everything unimaginable, it was too much to read:( yet he still survive because of the drugs he'd been using,

he was held captive in Albermarle Hall and been a sex slave since then, the harsh part is, the guests who went and book on the estate will do the most sadistic fantasies they want to him,
you might ask, why can't he escape well he was blackmailed by Blaine who has a direct access to his two siblings, that's why he will do everything as she order.I love Finn, he has wits and the way his thoughts work just add a comic relief in a dark story, and I really adore him when he can't believe Lilith will protect and saves him at any moment, that he believe he is not worth saving.

On Lilith, wow! a badass heroine that she is,I love it, at first I don't know how to accept her, she starts out more overt and I thought she would jump into Finn the first time she saw him, I was wrong!
She doesn't follow anyone's rule, and she has a mind of her own and decides what's right for everything:)

"It wasn’t the need to lash out that was the priority at all, was it? It was the need to find a soul to save."

The relationship was amazing, they became friends first, united to survive from the hellish grounds of Albermarle Hall and together they fight the evil queen Lady Blaine and one of her minion Coyle.
Its odd really that despite how taboo the sex scenes were, the romance between Finn and Lilith was palpable and simple,so simple that I wanted more time for them both to make love! hehehe sorry can't help it:) yes, that's why this book should not be put on the erotica shelves, nor the BDSM shelves.

and for the villains...

really they just throw their millions just to have their fantasies came true, pathetic bastards they are, and disgusting that they draw pleasure on what they are doing, and of course the recipient to their stupidity is Finn's body, grrrr:/

for supporting actors well more like knight in shining armors hehehe:
Gabriel, Nat and Henry, these three men need some hugs and kisses, without them it would be one hell of a fight:)

This is a book were good reigns over evil in the end and that the abusers of slavery are put into justice!
I love how all through out there was darkness but at the end there was light...and Hope and a future for Lilith and Finn:)

"Ah. A chuisle. Gaelic. "My darling". I prefer the proper translation, mind you."
"Which is?"
He gave a bashful smile. "My pulse."