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Poughkeepsie - Debra Anastasia Blake and Livia
Beckett and Eve
Cole and Kyle(she is a Girl)

three pairs of love enveloping the town of Poughkeepsie,NY.

each pair is as complicated as a quantum physics ooh, but its close..yes you will fall in love with the three guys, torn and broken (not biological) brothers, who share a past worst then anyone..live in a foster home,tortured by their foster father and after they were 18 and out of foster care, they made a pact, a tattoo symbolizing their brotherhood to each other.

I love Blake and Livia, they're genuine characters that touch your heart,
yes, Blake is too vulnerable, it keeps me crying and my heart keeps on clenching...but that's what makes you follow him..,his gentleman like manner, his passion for music,his piano, the infinite smiles Livia gave to him that he counts.I love the love Livia shows to him...

I had a hard time liking Cole because of his approach to Livia and his warning on her not to brake Blake's heart kinda turn off, It's great that he was match with Kyle..this is what they call... Opposite Attracts;)

two characters that explodes my heart too much although their second characters they won my heart big time..It's Eve and Mouse.

to Mouse, I feel really connected to him, and his favorite past time got me curious on the first time I read his part, so cute and adorable:)
His loyalty to Beckett can never be broken, up to his last breath, oh I don't want to cry typing this thoughts..and his feelings towards Eve although hidden is truly genuine, well unrequited love hurts me...[I don't want to cry:_(]

to Eve, although her heart is filled with hurt and revenge, she cannot escape of what she feels towards Beckett even though all she wants was to kill him for accidentally killing her beloved husband and her unborn child. It breaks my heart when Beckett sets her free and let her find someone who can give her a 'family' she can call.. I hope they kiss and make up together soon..please please please.

and oh where's Beckett...(he has his own book):)
he's the baddest,strongest and probably the boss that anyone should bow down...you touch his brothers and you'll dead...his greatest weakness is finding the one he loves be in trouble...even if his hands would be covered with blood he won't care as long as you pay for what you've done to his love ones...actually after reading the HEA of the other two pairs it makes me want to rage 'cause I love Beckett and Eve too and they haven't reach the HEA yet..(I'm waiting....:)