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Addicted - Charlotte Stein I think I found my Dillon Holt:D
"Ohh, you have no idea what I've got planned. Bad things. Outrageous things. You'll be talking to your therapist about them in ten years' time."
"You're f*cking with me."
"Yeah, I totally am. Take it easy, Kitty-cat- I'm not some sex demon."

My brain cells just evaporated into mist lol:D
Another satisfying story from Charlotte Stein. What a delicious read it was!!! her writings are Smut-tastic, but what I love in her writing is the Emotions that plunge into the reader and feel it. it's so Riveting and its not your traditional erotica book!

I don't know if this book is a story within a story as it explains if an erotic book connotes realism or not...as Kit and Dillon role-plays the scenes in her book, you won't know if its possible for it to be real or if Dillon's stories are more realistic...Does it matter? what is more important is if the heat level on the scenes will hit you!:) and it did.

there are few dialogues in the story and we are only given the internal monologue in Kit's perspective...as the two MC gets along with each other..we witnessed Kit's growing confidence with herself and Dillon on the hand being closed off. He’s a book I haven’t quite finished, yet, and I’m compelled to get to the end. although Dillon distracted her with sex most of the time we get to know them emotional with their silly banters and deadpun comeback..I love Kit's Titled quotation when Dillon said something to her..
There are a lot of adorable moments in the story, and the sex scenes keep burning up higher, you need to ring the fire alarm!
Its done very well..the debacle of Dillon feelings opening up and showing his vulnerability affects the reader..

Out of all the sex scenes and intimate ones..the 'hugging' was my favorite of all...how he hugs her with all his body and arms in a bear hug, is so touching and adorable:)
I love the story and how it ignites in every way possible..it will leave you wanting more!!!