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Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon Warning: your heart might break a million times...
Acheron will share with you his agony along the way from his past, the dreadful eleven thousand years of agony will break your heart to pieces, crush it until all you think anger is an understatement and nightmare is just part of a sweet dream, but Ash here did Not went to the dark side instead he went into the light,he dust it off of what happened to him although he remembers everything, he didn't put grudges to much,instead he help people who had experience worst in their life too,..

its really not easy to write a review while sobbing tears, its like showing your weakness and yet be able to express it out and felt relief after writing it.:_)

I admire Acheron.. no matter how dreadful life can be you see the light in the tunnel and never let evil drown you..he did not want to be a prisoner of his past and that's what I LOVE about him, yes eleven thousand years is unforgettable but he made it through...We can make it through.

Go and Read his story and fall in love, feel his pain and suffering, laugh out loud on all the characters' humor and sarcasm and above all the WISDOM and COURAGE that it will share to you about Life , Love, and Death:)

Acheron is one of those characters that You should emulate in real Life!

Read all the Dark hunter series...its a frigggin best ever books:)