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Tangled - Emma Chase Bagina bwahahaha:D that's a good one:)

I know I know, making a review now when actually I read this two months ago is not reasonable, right? riiiight.:)

As much as most readers got the humor in Tangled, I didn't...I was like "come on Drew tickle my side, will you? I want to laugh out loud" but all it gave me was an aching jaw for smiling too much, that might be good.

Believe me I don't hold any judgement on how it was written, I read first person POV books and it didn't annoy me. *whisper* I love to be in a character's head, so yes I do love that kind of writing , to set it straight, the Author did a brilliant job on giving Drew a fresh take on what was going on a man's head, mostly dirty thoughts but some are catered with wisdom.

How come I've given it 3 stars, and not more if I don't have any negative issues towards the book?

by mere enjoyment factor, that might be too narrow minded of me to say, but as much luck, I can't add more stars as to that is what I felt and deem justified by my review.

and oh before I forget, there's a lot to learn from Drew Evans. I mean a lot.