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Chosen - Barbara Elsborg 5 Swirling Stars 'cause it made me dizzy oh wait I thought I can see 10 Stars here

this book should be on the captive shelves and not hiding 'cause it might explode

This book is one HELL of a ride! aaaahh I want to HIDE.

Just when you thought that Ms. Barbara Elsborg will put her signature humor with funny heroines and sexy bad boy heroes that have charms and wits err think again...'cause everything has been thrown off the window...you'll never thought this IS her book...

This is seriously Dark Thrilling story, that is so fast paced you'll get run over. and you keep on wondering 'where's the hero?' well yeah where's the effing hero anyway grrrr...the story will lead you to the burning fires of hell or swallowed by a black hole you can't escape..

I guess I'm gonna talk about the villain then...

first I'm gonna say Thank you Jack for being the epitome of a perfect villain and snapping the cord of my Stockholm syndrome...I hate hate hate You for that!

I felt the anger and confusion on the story..Jack is so manipulative you got confused on what's truth and what's not...everything is intense..nothing is boring in this book...you'll choke by emotions you can't help bursting out on you....I got tied by the story I wish by the first chapter I want to kill Jack myself...can't believe 3/4 of the story is so exhausting I'm losing hope...I just want to bang my head on the table...I want to help Kate, I hate that she have been kidnapped and do the worst to her...everything worst.I hate Jack through and through, I thought there would be a redeeming quality in him trying not to lose hope but in the end I don't know, pity maybe, for all he wants is somebody to love him.

Kate is a strong woman...I keep gasping for air every time Jack do something to her...I can't even breath and then I had a headache...
argh I felt every emotion Kate shows,.. and I'm losing hope 'cause I'm half the page and no one still gonna help her...bloody Hell...

Nathan, here come's the savior and to think of it I thought it was to late to save Kate...he want's to bury his past by returning to her mother's home and put a last glimpse on the house, well apart from finding where his half brother psycho Jack is... he was just accidentally mixed into the situation when Kate slip a note to his hand and to call for help...

there are some glimpse of giggles but that was when Nathan and Kate get together and that was only 1 page and I want more if ever.

this book is brilliant..I never thought Ms. Elsborg could pull a Thriller story..This is darker than 'an ordinary girl'
its brutally Horrifying

I had a headache reading this, I'm gritting my teeth and heck I'm dizzy:)