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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts

sooo here's my review


After reading the words "The End" I was barely breathing getting a tight grip of reality but still lost in space, I can't stop crying, my throat's tight and my heart my heart grip..it's like an invisible tiny chain wrap my heart break lose and just leave scars on it that will leave a mark...I drift into oblivion and I've got a flashback on the first book on how Caleb and Livvie met, funny and cute, I can't stop smiling remembering those moments of awkward intentions gone accidentally wrong...

After reading Captive in the dark, I keep asking myself 'how will Caleb's life be redeem?'...and I always got the same conclusion..death.

I hold onto that conclusion until I started reading Seduced in the dark and face the Consequences....

the past and present time line of the story makes a perfect blend that will make you stay on the story and not skip..I was twitching on what happened in the end, so I took a peak on it and 'What?' I got lost..I went to the middle of the story, and it gotten worse, I got lost and confused..so I stick on reading it play by play(no pun intended):)
I double read every word feels like I have dyslexia or something...

on Caleb...he's not mercurial..he just doesn't know how to show his feelings to Livvie...and he often close himself pretending he doesn't feel anything and use his other side of him...sometimes no often times you got frustrated or angry at him on his actions and want to kick his shin and say to him "you prick,snapped it out will you.." and sometimes you want to hug him and say nice things to him.
you can't help but love this man, his a "beast" in a most handsome way:)

on Livvie...my my kitten you've grown up so well:)Yes! she'd grown so much in the story, she became stronger and tougher and I keep rooting on her to never give up... she's the foundation on the story, without her, the whole setting will crumble into darkness...let say she's the "light"...and anchor to storm which is Caleb...she is the Redemption to the whole of it.she stumbles more often, punished, humiliated but never gives up...she's a survivor!

the Relationship...when did it all started, when did it bloom,how...where??

"maybe it's fate"Livvie said,"if you believe in that sort of thing. Maybe you were supposed to meet me that day."

I know somewhere along the way...Caleb feels it,he's confused yes at the beginning, he denies he doesn't love Livvie and resigned it by punishing her...but it's starting to grow in him...and I love how it tortured him that way:)
I love the bantering...and sarcasm and the teasing(wait I think that was redundant haha) and the oh my...

secondary characters...agent Reed. well what the heck happens to hahaha..this man has something to explain...another story for him perhaps:)
Dr. Sloan. hmmm I wish I wish I really wish...oooh to agent Reed well um..I don't know what to say:)
to the other minor characters...they speak volumes and create so much it intensifies the whole plot.

after all that have been said and done it all goes to the bottom of it...the Truth...and damn I didn't expect that suspense coming..it leave me breathless and crying *sniff sniff

now I'm gonna go back to the question that left me hanging on the cliff from the first series, how will Caleb's life be redeem? but I think its proper if I rephrase it..Did Caleb redeem himself? and my conclusion is...Yes!

To the Author Cj Roberts... you're Amazing, don't even think of it otherwise...we know you've come to terms and being an Independent writer is difficult...The Story says it all...Pure:)
Amazing..the story is not rush...it seems it was written ages ago I mean years since you have the original draft *cough;) before it became into full bloom and I'm glad you publish it..its a brilliant masterpiece and no one can put it into comparison...I hope there would be a next on this series, yeah like it would change into a dark trio *wishful thinking please please please:)
I will keep an eye on this and other books to come hungry for more!
*whisper except for menage then I will pass haha.

What to read after Seduced in the Dark?
err I don't know I swear you can't recover quite a while or worse... a week;)