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Unsticky - Sarra Manning Wow this book is Amazing! I love every bits of it from beginning till' end just like a sticky toffee pudding:)
Don't click, you'll be hungry;)

Despite their difference, because of their differences, they were a perfect mismatched set. Two sides of the same tarnished penny.

I love Vaughn and Grace…they're not perfect,their flaws is so real,those little things that puts you who you are, are like them(they don't have the exaggerated life)this are people you see outside your home..
they are relatable, deny it to yourself because of their issues and flaws but you can see yourself in them one way or another.

we’re broken. It's like we have all these jagged edges that scare other people off, but when we're with each other, our jagged edges fit together and we're almost whole.

sometimes I want to strangle Vaughn with his money or choke him with his credit cards..'cause he keeps on saying 'they're on an arrangement not a relationship' even if it's exceeding the 'other duties: as required' for Grace to be his so called mistress...the man is so afraid of commitments you see.. he's an authoritative man too and its really difficult to argue with him,and sometimes he's insensitive to Grace and mean when a little of himself shows up of his vulnerability. These are the moments I cried for Grace then change when he approves on what he likes and shows love to Grace, sometimes he cares too much and give Grace what she didn't expect but he denies they were something in them that he love her but you see its complicated.....this book is full of emotions if you let it in you.

I love the Author's voice, is that what they call? its so comical(its "funny haha not funny weird"..it will make you laugh and giggle from chapter 1 up to the end...This Is Not A RomCom but how it was put into writing seems so alive and vivid...I love the British words..it was like what did he/she say??? and I got lost in London...

and oh I love this part of the book:

Every time he swallowed, Vaughn would close his eyes and purse his lips, like he was having these tiny moments of rapture. It was the cutest thing Grace thought she'd ever seen, though Vaughn wasn't all cute. He was like the Anti-Cute.

He do this all the time and I can't stop myself grinning stupidly:)

This relaxed debrief and watching Vaughn have multiple foodgasms wasn't helping to make Grace any more lucid.

Now I want some "sticky toffee pudding":)
can you feel it??I hope it made you smile:)

people say that they love each other, but what does it mean? That you can't live without someone? Because you can - you won't die if they're not there, even if you feel like you might for a while and--

...yes yes I know that feeling too *sigh:)

I was quite satisfied on how it ends thank goodness they make up for that but seriously even if it consist of 500+ pages its not enough and I want more...I'm gonna read this again soon:)

side-note: this book might have got lost on the chick-lit and NA shelves because actually it bordered more in Adult and erotic romance:)