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Deep Desires - Charlotte Stein "Listen to me: the bird has gone now. it flew away when you weren't looking, I swear." It's like he's reaching through the phone-just as he did through the glass-to stroke a hand over my back."Go to sleep now, Abbie. I'll go to sleep with you, and dream my blackbird is gone, too. You looked up at me, and it went away. For a little while, I swear, it went away."

Its so Amazing when there's a plot in a story that just grab you in it and won't let go!
this book is not made just for the part that it is erotica, No...I swear Abbie and Ivan gets into your skin and cry for them, how vulnerable they are before and help each other through their demons and mend to each other.

from voyeurism to sex toys gifts to phone sex to finally they've touch, soft sweet tender touch...inviting it's so intimate, the romance, the relationship builiding up.
what's not to love. just purrrrfect.
you'll gonna see the "ohhhhh" word all over the place:)

I think Flynn from 'Willing victim' had been step down as the best dirty talker on my list...Ivan gets the top notch with his smooth talking Russian accent...yes smooth,'cause I'm sure he sounds like that.

you'll be surprised how powerful their dark side is,how their emotions affects you, that when you get to the climax part you're gonna cry on what happened to Ivan on why he's so meticulous and ordered in his life and why Abbie is so messed up like everything that surrounds her is a whole messed.
they both reflect to each other on opposite side that no one wants to be touch or look in the eyes at first but when they both break their barriers and start to trust and erase the blackbird on their lives...you'll be happy for them.

I love how they say their names to each other,
My Abbie,
My Ivan,
My one

I wish there's sequel just like what reviewers were talking or an epilogue, I want to scream in the end...Epilogue please please please.. just like the Author's book 'Sheltered' that needs a sequel too or an Epilogue...I need more than thinking on it...
Ms. Charlotte Stein is one amazing Author who has superb skills in graphically written erotica scenes with emotions. I'm beginning to think she and Ms. Cara Mckenna are conniving on not writing epilogues on their fantastic books:)

Snippet on the scenes:
"God, I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it."
I don't even know what doing it means.
and apparently, neither does he.
"Doing what?" he asks, in between kisses.
"Orgasm,"I say. "I'm having an Orgasm."