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Cowboys Down - Barbara Elsborg Note to Readers: Read this book!:)
"know how to tell the difference between erotic and kinky?"
"When you want to go for erotic you use a feather. Kinky, use the whole the chiken."

Ahahaha:D Humor during sex...

This book not only made me laugh out loud but also cried silently...

I love the chemistry between Jasper and Calum,you just feel the emotions between them and how they love each other. Their playful banter during sex was so funny haha but oh my goodness their burning the sheets it was HOT...Well how will you not take notice of the love scenes, if its in full graphic details...
both men have tragic past that make them very human and believable.you can't help but cry with them..
What I hate in the story were the wranglers who hurt Jasper more than once, the other reviewers were right it was too much and Calum's father who can't accept Calum's sexuality...that man is a bastard grrr:/

it was a fun read with lots of steam , lovable romance and some heart-breaking moments and the humor that catches you.And don't forget the two beautiful Hot men!:)