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Wanderlust - Skye Warren
I had wanted to wander, to flit, and I’d flown right into a spider’s web.

-Their relationship started in tangled knots but it ended up woven in a simple lace...

Evie was held captive all throughout her life because her mother won't let her go out from their house, her mother always tells her that the world outside was harsh and cruel, that someone will hurt and abuse her...but Evie had enough of that, she wanted freedom until a stranger grabs that freedom from her hands again...

after reading this book I still felt my heart being squeeze, because of the story,on how it unfolded, how they manage to survive, the consequences on every move the heroine made, how everything work out in the end and despite the atrocity of what was happening, there was hope...in the end there was hope and that's all that matters.
Maybe we were all held captive by something.

-both characters felt trapped from their past, a past that change them of who they were now, and they both connected in that same ground...

the story depicts a worst case scenario when traveling alone to a destination you don't know which way to go, and really, a map can't help you either, a car with navigation could but what if you don't have techs like that,and then a stranger shows up while all along anxiety tell you such bad things won't happen.

Most captors have the same intentions-to keep you, and Hunter is no different from them and like most captors he have a reason on taking Evie, that was revealed in the story.

He wanted to be this way, crazy and mean and awful. But he wasn’t really. It was a struggle for him as much as I had struggled to be a good little girl in that house. A role we had to fill to keep someone else happy.

-worse or worst? which is better?

it's like that, and I love Evie for escaping at any given opportunity, but really, she always end up in a worst kind of state, and I almost glad that Hunter can find her again and be safe, although the 'safe' word was out of context.
and yes I love that Hunter was the one who found her first, amidst all he had done, he was far better than those who did get hold on her.

He was the god of thunder, retreating from the world that had rejected him. I was the maiden he'd caught going over the edge, who he'd secreted away in his lair beneath the falls.


I loved that they both could relate to each other, that both of them can endure the pain now that they were together, what happened was still there but they will carry on and together they will get pass through it...

He was my ship in a tempestuous sea. I was the talisman he kissed before a storm. Even distracted and discontent, he always kept me close.

*This book is dark erotica, a grasp of romance is simply up to the reader to find out.
the writing was excellent, very well written, the emotions and scenes will give you dose of lust, hope and bond.
if you are into this kind of genre, this is definitely something that will stuck in you in a while after reading it.