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Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1) - C.J. Roberts Anyone who doesn't have experienced a tortured life has not yet been born.
There's no one gonna understand you in this life except the one who had experienced the same past as you do.

Well Written!!!!friggin' Awesome!

Caleb is not a tortured hero, he's a tortured villain..and there's a difference on that on the way you put it..but a scarred soul always affect me deepest no matter who the person was.

I've been reading most of the dark hunter series and flash back with gruesome tortured past did not take me off guard..that's why I enjoy this book and gets me truly into it and its easy to read.

Yes, the subject matter is what some others readers called dark, gritty, brutal and horrifying. The book wants us to go to the dark to become familiar of it until our eyes is contented and be familiar to the darkness..But what's the purpose? to emerge to the light.we might get blinded on it and its gonna be crucial to do that, and that's what Livvie's gonna do, to emerge from darkness to see the light.

I love the story, never thought I gonna love it. I wanted them to be Free, complicated and disturbing as you went and tug along to both their lives.I hope they find redemption.

I don't know how the Author will save Livvie and Caleb..I hope they'll find freedom:) it's the only thing I've been wishing...