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Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove, #4) - Tessa Dare
“I have you.” His whispered words were hoarse. “I have you now.”

I loved it!:') I love the Hero and Heroine, even the Duchess(Griffy's mom) and I friggin love this series!!!
it all started with the “Her,” he said. “I’ll take her.” and also the flutterings lol:D

The story gave me butterflies in my stomach and made me cry in some scenes, especially the secret room , it broke my heart:_/ It might be like a Cinderella story but it was a touch beyond that fairy tale book, its fresh and unique take and I love every parts that unravel. It's hilarious at best and emotional to the core and what set this book in a 5 star review was the soul binding chemistry between Griffin and Pauline.
Its Beautiful, I can't even explain my feelings thoroughly.
My heart was in knot in one moment then flutters by a second and then I was laughing over silly things at some point then crying when things where turning into unexpectedly then finally swooning all over again! I loved it, I know I said it so many times but its how I can express it:D
“I’m the Duke of Halford,” he said, plunging deep.
She shut her eyes, trying not to cry. It was all too much—the emotion, the pleasure. The hopelessness.
“I’m the Marquess of Westmore.”
“I’m also the Earl of Ridingham. Viscount Newthorpe. Lord Hartford-on-Trent.”
Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.
“And I am your slave, Pauline.”
Oh, mercy.


“I can’t pretend to understand how love works.” Pauline sifted her fingers through his hair, smoothing a touch over his brow. “How many days have I known you? Not many more. And I doubt I’ll ever go a day without thinking of you, even if I should live to see ninety. I . . .” She couldn’t help
it. “I love you so.”

another beautiful addition to the series and I want more! who will be the next to fall madly in love?, waiting in bated breath :o

side-note: Omg! squeee!! Colin is now a father squealing with joy!:D I so love that man lol:D