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Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) - Nina Lane
Okay, so medieval history is still a little dorky. But when brought to life by Professor Dean West, it breathes and glows with color.

“And here comes the Incredible Hunk.”

“Hey, Dean?”
“Hey, Liv.”
“Why are you waiting for me?” I asked.
“Because you’re worth it.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Yes, I do.”
“I’ve been around. I know when something’s good.”

My throat tightened a little. “What if you’re wrong?”
“I’m not wrong.”

*scrubs face with both hands*
arghhh how did it all became so messed up!

the story didn't start well for me because of the baby issue, like what the heck! they're married and they use condom? I thought it was for Family Planning but it wasn't and its more likely a decision made early on their marriage caused by a traumatic past from Liv. What we don't know is that Dean also harbors his on secrets why he doesn't want a baby.

Sounds complicated?... Not.
Is it a big deal? well Liv is making a big deal over it and so am I haha:D
You see I want to shake Dean (mostly bump his head on the wall if I was in the book lol) and ask him the Big WHY over and over.
and then comes the "Truth" oh it was a hell of a fraking revelation.
and then my "why" questions becomes an accusation on Dean
like: Why Dean Why?

The story is refined and relatable, its more like a realistic fiction and it focuses more on the couple and the brooding storm in their marriage.

by the time it hits the second half, the story picks up and I was a total mess for crying,
I was like:

and I wanted it to stop.
but things are getting worst. Both are trying though...
remember the first issue...The baby well since Dean won't talk about his reasons, the trust in the marriage is shaken to its core which leads to other " mistakes". Who's at fault with those mistakes, both of them, not only in Liv's part but Dean affected that event to happen.

I think both Dean and Liv grow on me through out the story, I just want them to work things out and kiss and make out *cough* (they still have an active sex life even with their problems);]

good thing it ended well:_)*happy cry*

“You can’t forget something so horrible, Dean.” “You can only use it to make you stronger.”

“You’ll think of a way to turn things around,” I say. “You just need a different angle.”

Hopefully there Love for each other becomes stronger than before, more firm. With their trials and tribulations in their marriage, they would stand up and unite for "better or for worse":)

Maybe this was meant to happen, this discovery of cracks where now a different, new light can shine through.