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Epilogue: The Dark Duet (The Dark Duet, #2.5) - C.J. Roberts
♪♫♪...and remind me who I really am
please remind me who I really am,
everybody's got a dark side do you love me? can you love mine?
nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it
you know that we're worth it
will you love me? even with my dark side?♪♫♪

and here I am again staring at the computer screen contemplating on what to say *sigh* I'm just too caught up at the moment.

It was too raw... the pain of their bad beginning, what they had, the chances of them falling in love given the circumstances was unexpected, it just happened. And on that we judge their relationship, romanticizing what was plain wrong in morality, but hey I still Love it, it is because of these two damage souls that got me through reading this series, they're both survivors and that's what I love about them. How can such a book be inspirational? well... you gotta dig a little deeper, right?:)) that's what made me connected with Caleb and Livvie...and for them to have a happy ever after, it wasn't easy, as Livvie said "Romances end with a
happily ever after. This is not a romance.
This is a love story."

This is a light read, a chance of normalcy for Caleb and Livvie's sake, I couldn't ask for more but for them to enjoy their present and hopefully fond memories will overshadow their past...I'm happy for this book although I cannot leave their scars behind, its part of who they were and a part of what they're trying to be, step by step.

I'm so glad to read one of the most unconventional love stories ever written! kudos to the Author:) pssst *whisper* another book for Caleb and Livvie please, I'm begging for more!:D