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Down London Road (On Dublin Street, #2) - Samantha Young
*Good news to all On Dublin Street fans! Braden proposes to Joss in this book:]

*the Nichols family are still wonderful to read:)

*Hannah Nichols(sister of Ellie) got some interesting part, only little though and she's too young to have a story of her own I think.

*I love Cole, such a good brother to Jo.

*Braden! ah just the name makes me smile:]

*Ellie, as always trying to make the wedding preparation kinda "romantic" lol fuchsia as the motif ehehe:D but I wish there had been some scene for her and Adam, they are favorite couple hmp.

*angst? um not much, just jealousy thrown in the story...

*abusive parents? present! don't worry Cam's parents are good people only Jo's doesn't.

*Joss version 2.0, its like an Ellie clone actually.

*Nate, hmmm interesting, I want to know more about him, he's kinda nice:)

*Olivia sounds good to be great lead on next book the only angst I know so far in her part was not taking her mom to the hospital early to be check which arises from guilt through the years

*who's the owner of club 39? I have no idea...


first half:
Now this could have been a good story, the plot was interesting because Cameron was just an ordinary guy and Johanna was an ordinary girl , a normal story, they meet, attraction from both were there BUT it took a U-turn at that point *Cam was being a jerk towards Jo ( for me that was a good scene because it rattles my senses and emotion...that could have intensified the chemistry BUT *they both have lovers (complicated spot right there), it took 50% of the story to manage that (and I won't forget that they both think of each other while they were with their partners) turn off!:( It should have caused some tensions instead it causes frustration and it was dragging, boring,and detached, to think that in only took one scene from both H/h to break up with there partners. What? they should have broke up with their partners by 10% that would have been better.
and I felt sorry about Malcolm, he's a good guy to be dump , and he's not that old 38 or 35 years old still young, just because he lacks that alpha male quality doesn't mean he's nothing special, whatever his intentions towards Jo (when they're still together)I hope its good cos I'll be disappointed if its not.

the second half:

there are some interesting parts:
*An ex lover from Cam's past just came into surfaced
*Jo's father, a felon was out to cause some trouble
*Jealousy was breaking the relationship of Cam and Jo
*Jo's mother was still useless
*an important man in Jo's life came back together with his daughter.
*and where was that important part where Jo needs money for her family? I might have overlooked... oh well nvm.
*sex on the changing room oops spoiler (not sorry on that):D
there were lots of steamy scenes thrown in! watch out.

I liked Jo caring for his brother but her insecurities and pride was not to be ignored and I don't like that about her, if all along what she needed was money, she could have took the advice of Joss to take the opportunity to work in Braden's company, but she's to prideful for that, and her insecurities, well she thought Cam will leave her, she thought she wasn't good for him.

I liked Cam for he cares for Jo, that he will do anything for her but he has a sharp tongue, he had ways with sweet words but once he's angry,his words cuts through the person especially Jo.

The chemistry was lost somewhere at the beginning and it took too long to build up I lost patience waiting for it until all I felt was nothing but reading a simple story.