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Unattainable - Madeline Sheehan 3.5 just reel it in Stars
“From chaos, the strongest sort of love is usually born.”

*I felt like Tegen been screaming my brains out I had an headache.
*all my love goes to Dirty and his girl, so sad they got only little part though!
Alright here it goes...
I am aware of the setting of the story, its environment, how promiscuous the characters are and the buckets of profane words. It is at its benefit because it showcases the dark side(which readers likely to read nowadays) of Motorcycle clubs, with this it would make a unique and interesting story.

BUT for a story to knock your socks off it should have an interesting plot and for me this book got it only on Dirty and Ellie's story not Tegen and Cage's.

Considering how I loathe the first book, how I hate most parts of the second book, don't you think I'm just my wasting time for reading the third book and altogether rant all over again? of course not, curiosity got me reading this series. Let's call that a compliment:)

so this are my thoughts...
I don't like Tegen's character, aside from the screaming the hell out of everything that moves, what's she's doing was total nonsense and most likely wanted attention. I wonder why Cage like her, she's a nagger.
Cage is um... let's say "like father like son" and you'll get the idea.
Since their relationship came from one-sided childhood crush gone bad and their constant argument about "I want you, I don't want you" stuffs, to be honest THERE WAS NO STORY TO TELL about them. They fight, they have sex then they fight again and add the screaming portion. it was an endless loop, you get scene? you think there was love out of the chaos that they live with,sadly I didn't see it.

on the bright side
The Author got it right on how strong love is despite the chaos from Dirty and Ellie's story, if only she spends more time developing their characters and more scenes with them together, this book might not wound up much.
*For me* they have the interesting part in the story, I wanted to skip every part of Tegen and Cage.
Dirty is one damage character, he had a worst past even though he was saved by Deuce when he was young, he still got it worst because of how he live his life now and for one good thing to happen in his life, it was unimaginable because Ellie Oh God *Godbless* her, sweet,good, kind and caring Ellie showed how important he is.
it wasn't easy, their relationships has all its complications and a littler suspense. To think that what they have was truly impossible makes it more fruitful to read. For Ellie to understand him and accepts him for who and what he is, well there you go it was Love.
it was crazy and I wanted more of them instead of the other two main characters.